Health Mash Up – Nootropics (with One You Can’t Miss)

Here at Health Mash, we have an interest in anything that is related to health and especially topics that can help to improve our health in the long term, but also increase our performance. Enter nootropics.

These nootropics have made big differences in the lives of many people including figures like Tim Ferriss among others.

Nootropics (and One We Recommend)

Nootropics or Smart drugs are supplements taken to make your organs work more efficiently. Although especially when talking about a smart drug, the word smart drugs is mostly taken to mean drugs that increase the activity of the human brain or others even tend to imagine that use of nootropics will make you a genius in an instant..

Conditions to Be Met For a Substance to Qualify As a Nootropic

The above misconception has to be cleared from the larger public, it is good that everyone understands that before a substance is a nootropicit must have the following characteristics:-

· A nootropic should improve the brain’s cognitive abilities and prevent these skills from being disrupted by certain health conditions.

· Be virtually non-toxic. A substance will only be a Nootropics if it is completely nontoxic.

· Has to boost the cortical and subcortical cortex mechanisms to strengthen control within the brain

· It helps the brain function well even under certain unfavorable conditions such as in limited oxygen and electroshock conditions.

· Improves your memory and learning ability. If such a substance is taken it must be able to boost your brain activity in that one will have a sharper memory to be able to recall details.

Health Benefits of Smart Drugs

  • Improvement neuroplasticity
  • Improved Sleeping Habits. If a smart drug is used by a person the drug has the ability to ensure the person gets enough rest since all the brain senses will be working properly.
  • Improved blood circulation to the brain. Smart drugs boosts brain functionality as a result increasing the brain coordination with other organs such as the heart to ensure proper pumping of blood.
  •  Better productivity: – A person who uses smart drugs will give almost a 100% output than a person not using it.
  • Protection for the brain
  • Less depression and stress: – since the drug boosts mental activity there will be no instances that one will feel depressed.
  • Better coordination of body and mind
  • Stable emotions; – Super mental capability translates to controlled emotions.

Some of the top nootropics including things like tongkat ali, which is a natural alternative that can improve cognition. One good idea is to take nootropic stacks, such as Qualia, which can help with getting your magnesium and also getting other nutrients.

I will give a better example of a smart drug or Nootropic, and this is the magnesium glycinate. The Magnesium glycinate is one of the most important body mineral in a human being body as is responsible for over three hundred metabolic process.

Causes of magnesium deficiency

· Poor diet such as consuming more alcohol, coffee and soda. People who consume these type of products are more likely to suffer from magnesium deficiency. Recent studies have shown that younger generation are prone to such due to poor diet.

· Too much stress: – If you are stressed more frequently then you will most likely experience magnesium deficiency.

· Severe menstruation :- this affects women who have menstrual problem, especially those who their days of menstrual cycle tend to extend beyond three days

· Sweating too much ;- this is the main reason why athletes are required to eat healthy, since they sweat a lot.

· Intestinal surgery can lead to decreased dietary intake and magnesium loss due to diarrhea

Health Benefits of Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium glycinate is often used because it is the most absorbed form of magnesium and smooth in the stomach. Magnesium is important for the health of bones, muscles and nerves..

  • It is used for the treatment of patients, who have used drugs such as diuretics and antibiotics, because these drugs affect the absorption of nutrients
  •  It is used to treat cancer patients whose cancer drugs decreased their body ability to absorption of nutrients
  • Antacids and laxatives – high doses of magnesium gluconate taken as antacids and laxatives can cause high levels of magnesium

Natural Foods with Nutrients Include Magnesium

magnesium glycinate

Magnesium glycinate is more effective and even less harmful if it is taken naturally since the body will regulate itself to absorbing the required amount and excess excreted through urine.

· Enriched breakfast cereals and other fortified foods

· Whole grains

· Milk, yogurt and other dairy products

· Vegetables, nuts, seeds

· Spinach and other leafy vegetables