Aniracetam – A Smart Solution for Memory Loss

Aniracetam is a memory loss treatment that aids clearer thinking and remembering by supporting the brain’s communication infrastructure. Several of the positive Aniracetam effects consist of greater mental speed and improved cognitive alertness. Most studies and user experiences that record these positive Aniracetam effects propose how it is one of the most powerful smart drugs existing. Regular intake of Aniracetam could improve memory recall, physical reflexes, and mental vigilance

Aniracetam was first established in the late 1970s and is a derivative of Piracetam. It has higher AMPA receptor-boosting effects. AMPA receptors are believed to help with mental concentration and allow improvement memory recall.

Given that the introduction of Aniracetam has been used for a variety of medical disorders such as treatment for memory loss and memory enhancement by its self or in combination with other medicines.

Along with being successfully used to enhance memory recall Aniracetam can also be used in the treatment of epilepsy, hypoxia, dyslexia, vertigo and even alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In brief, it is a lot better than a lot of supposed supplements on the market that improve the memory.

Aniracetam – a smart solution

Aniracetam is part of the nootropics family or smart drugs. These improve memory supplements have a positive outcome on the cognitive performance.

Nootropics provide more than just cognitive improvement. It is nontoxic and can be consumed without the threat of any side-effects. There are also continued benefits more so than traditional stimulants like amphetamine that only offer a temporary enhancement.

A big variation between nootropics and other memory enhancements is that they have the ability to improve communication across the brain’s Corpus Callosum. This part of the brain combines the left to the right hemisphere. This allows the creative side to be linked with the logic side permitting the user to utilize an overall better mental ability.Taking long to recall an acquaintance name, forgetting the car keys, finding it difficult to concentrate on a task that demand attention, irritability, depression, etc. are all signs of mental decline. Although, we all feel or experience these symptoms at some or the other time in our life if these symptoms become a frequent and a daily phenomenon it means something is seriously wrong with your memory and brain.

Senile dementia is the most common type of mental decline disorder experienced by various individuals during the later years of their life. While there are various types of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is the frequent and commonly occurring form of senile dementia. Alzheimer’s disease despite being the most common type of dementia is also one of the most serious mental decline disorder and also the most complicated disease.

Its seriousness and complexity can be easily fathomed from the fact that the disease remains incurable despite tremendous research and achievements in the field of medicine and medical science. In Alzheimer’s disease gradually the brain cells start decaying with time leading to the complete death and destruction of the entire brain cells and tissues. As the brain is the main controlling organ, destruction of brain cells signal fatality for the organs of the body finally resulting in the death of the individual.

However, with the discovery of piracetam, the first nootropic medicine for brain power and memory, treatment for Alzheimer’s disease has seen a new light and hope. Although piracetam is the first nootropic medicine, today even more powerful and stronger versions like aniracetam, pramiracetam, etc. of racetam class of medicines are available that can help in the treatment of mental decline disorders including Alzheimer’s disease.

Aniracetam is one of the strongest mind power supplement in the market that has been specially formulated to stimulate the central nervous system along with improving communication between the left and right hemisphere of the brain. The medicine has also been shown to increase blood circulation to the brain to ensure the proper of flow of oxygen and essential nutrients to the various cells and tissues of the brain.

Aniracetam uses are thus many and varied such as from being a simple mind power supplement to being a potent mental decline disorder medicine; aniracetam can be used to treat dementia, dyslexia, alcoholism, stroke ischmeia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and general age related mental decline.

Just like our body, our brain too is prone to the ravages of time and environment. Since the brain is the controlling organ of the body, it is not only the most integral organ but the most functional and dynamic organ as well. So any minor problem in the brain can lead to devastating circumstances or consequences. Thus it is important to ensure that our brain keeps functioning in an optimum manner.

General and frequent forgetfulness, lack of concentration, depression, and difficulty understanding or learning new things or skills are all signs and symptoms of brain damage which are now spreading at a faster rate given the lack of proper diet and the highly stressed environment in which we live. It is, therefore, no wonder to see a dearth of improving memory supplements available over the counter today. The brain is the controlling organ must be charged at all times for healthy functioning of all other organs and parts of the body.

Though there have been supplements and medicines to boost memory available in the market from times immemorial, little was known about their effectiveness. Today with the discovery of new breed of memory enhancers called nootropics, the whole realm of memory loss treatment has revolutionized.

Since the discovery and development of Piracetam, research is continuously on for the discovery of more potent and dynamic memory enhancer. Aniracetam, an analog of Piracetam, has been found to be an innovative and breakthrough formula which by assisting communication inside the brain not only helps improve memory recall but also improves the functioning and the speed of the mind to a great extent.

Neither of these two ingredients are in Qualia, but you can find others (like noopept) in the Qualia smart drug.

Aniracetam is one of the most powerful formula available today which can effectively cure memory loss problem and other brain related problems in many individuals suffering from various brain related ailments such as senile dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, dyslexia, and alcoholism. The best part is only a small aniracetam dosage is required to treat memory loss problem in both individuals suffering from brain damage and otherwise healthy individuals who are just looking to boost memory.

Aniracetam effects include not only improved cognition and communication between the hemispheres of the brain but also an overall feeling of health and well being in the entire body. You can buy aniracetam both as an over the counter memory loss supplement or prescription drug. It is a completely safe macine devoid of any known toxicity and contraindications.

The Velocity of Brain Thoughts is At Risk

When we think about the brain, there are numerous brain chemicals we have to account for. One thing to keep in mind is that our brain has 4 main neurochemicals and these have differing functions. For example, serotonin is a brain chemical associated with the how steady our mood is. The chemical called acetylcholine is useful for the velocity of our thoughts.

The more acetylcholine we have in our system, the greater number of thoughts that we can have. After all acetylcholine is a limited resource in the brain so it is important to make sure we are replenishing as much as possible. Unfortunately, most people don’t eat organ meats (liver and kidney, anyone?) like they used to. This creates a host of problems.

As we will show you, there are a few ways to increase the velocity of our thoughts and it isn’t just simply through choline supplements.

Cholinergic compounds are new nootropics and smart drugs that can increase efficacy in the choline system. If this is something that you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place for the latest and greatest.

#1. Centrophenoxine – despite the odd name, centrophenoxine is one of the best nootropic compounds within the cholinergic class. Many people use centrophenoxine for improved cognition and it makes a really big difference. The cholinergic drug centrophenoxine is not super well studied because there just isn’t enough money to do so.

However, there are plenty of anecdotal reports suggesting that this nootropic compound can be an effective and useful tool for improving cognition. Not only that, it can actively prevent the decline of neurological function, which is a huge problem for many people as well.

#2. Coluracetam – as part of the racetam family, coluracetam has interesting functions. The coluracetam smart drug’s main benefit is high affinity choline uptake. For many people, this is a term that is virtually unknown and that is okay! No need to get confused with terms that don’t make a lot of sense.

Either way, the anecdotes suggest many people are enjoying this compound and for good reason. Making sure you use an adequate choline source can make a really big difference as well.

Piecing it Together

Most people who are trying to improve their cognitive performance do not realize that there are so many components to it. Even the beginners love something like Bulletproof coffee or a quick fix like Qualia, but neither of these nootropics will make huge differences by themselves.

It is important to make sure you get choline specifically focused and accounted for to achieve the best results.

Health Mash Up – Nootropics (with One You Can’t Miss)

Here at Health Mash, we have an interest in anything that is related to health and especially topics that can help to improve our health in the long term, but also increase our performance. Enter nootropics.

These nootropics have made big differences in the lives of many people including figures like Tim Ferriss among others.

Nootropics (and One We Recommend)

Nootropics or Smart drugs are supplements taken to make your organs work more efficiently. Although especially when talking about a smart drug, the word smart drugs is mostly taken to mean drugs that increase the activity of the human brain or others even tend to imagine that use of nootropics will make you a genius in an instant..

Conditions to Be Met For a Substance to Qualify As a Nootropic

The above misconception has to be cleared from the larger public, it is good that everyone understands that before a substance is a nootropicit must have the following characteristics:-

· A nootropic should improve the brain’s cognitive abilities and prevent these skills from being disrupted by certain health conditions.

· Be virtually non-toxic. A substance will only be a Nootropics if it is completely nontoxic.

· Has to boost the cortical and subcortical cortex mechanisms to strengthen control within the brain

· It helps the brain function well even under certain unfavorable conditions such as in limited oxygen and electroshock conditions.

· Improves your memory and learning ability. If such a substance is taken it must be able to boost your brain activity in that one will have a sharper memory to be able to recall details.

Health Benefits of Smart Drugs

  • Improvement neuroplasticity
  • Improved Sleeping Habits. If a smart drug is used by a person the drug has the ability to ensure the person gets enough rest since all the brain senses will be working properly.
  • Improved blood circulation to the brain. Smart drugs boosts brain functionality as a result increasing the brain coordination with other organs such as the heart to ensure proper pumping of blood.
  •  Better productivity: – A person who uses smart drugs will give almost a 100% output than a person not using it.
  • Protection for the brain
  • Less depression and stress: – since the drug boosts mental activity there will be no instances that one will feel depressed.
  • Better coordination of body and mind
  • Stable emotions; – Super mental capability translates to controlled emotions.

Some of the top nootropics including things like tongkat ali, which is a natural alternative that can improve cognition. One good idea is to take nootropic stacks, such as Qualia, which can help with getting your magnesium and also getting other nutrients.

I will give a better example of a smart drug or Nootropic, and this is the magnesium glycinate. The Magnesium glycinate is one of the most important body mineral in a human being body as is responsible for over three hundred metabolic process.

Causes of magnesium deficiency

· Poor diet such as consuming more alcohol, coffee and soda. People who consume these type of products are more likely to suffer from magnesium deficiency. Recent studies have shown that younger generation are prone to such due to poor diet.

· Too much stress: – If you are stressed more frequently then you will most likely experience magnesium deficiency.

· Severe menstruation :- this affects women who have menstrual problem, especially those who their days of menstrual cycle tend to extend beyond three days

· Sweating too much ;- this is the main reason why athletes are required to eat healthy, since they sweat a lot.

· Intestinal surgery can lead to decreased dietary intake and magnesium loss due to diarrhea

Health Benefits of Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium glycinate is often used because it is the most absorbed form of magnesium and smooth in the stomach. Magnesium is important for the health of bones, muscles and nerves..

  • It is used for the treatment of patients, who have used drugs such as diuretics and antibiotics, because these drugs affect the absorption of nutrients
  •  It is used to treat cancer patients whose cancer drugs decreased their body ability to absorption of nutrients
  • Antacids and laxatives – high doses of magnesium gluconate taken as antacids and laxatives can cause high levels of magnesium

Natural Foods with Nutrients Include Magnesium

magnesium glycinate

Magnesium glycinate is more effective and even less harmful if it is taken naturally since the body will regulate itself to absorbing the required amount and excess excreted through urine.

· Enriched breakfast cereals and other fortified foods

· Whole grains

· Milk, yogurt and other dairy products

· Vegetables, nuts, seeds

· Spinach and other leafy vegetables