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Our mission is to promote health and well being in the world by providing personally relevant information from trusted health sites on the Web.
HealthMash is powered by the world's most sophisticated Health Knowledge Base that captures the expertise of medical professionals and people everywhere practicing the art of living and healing and the Wisdom of the Ages.
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HealthMash combines sophisticated Web 2.0 universal search and discovery technology with Semantic Web Concepts in a simple yet highly informative user interface.

The HealthMash Explore and Discover semantic knowledge base API is available for licensing. Please contact us if you need more information! Documentation of HealthMash API

Endre Jofoldi presenting HealthMash at Innovate!100 Berlin

HealthMash is runner up at Innovate!100 Berlin

  • The Innovate!2010 Pitch Slam in Berlin took place on the 22nd of March at IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, and NUMENUS GmbH walked away as the newest member of the Innovate!100 list of the most 100 promising technology startups. AdTail and WebLib's HealthMash became the runner ups from the eight semi finalists.

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Users testimonies

  • Beth Sowter, Medical Librarian

    Thanks for a clean interface, fast searching, and relevant information.

  • Katharine O'Moore-Klopf, medical copyeditor

    Search results for health-related queries much more pertinent than results through Google!

  • Reinhard Wentz, Medical Librarian

    I certainly remain impressed how HealthMash blends functionality elements and (in particular) coverage of some other quality resources into one interface with tabs for websites, articles, trusted sites, videos, news, twitter etc. That creates as far as I can see very relevant and comprehensive results for some searches I tried.so far. Your ranking algorithm seems to work very well indeed.

  • Bertalan Mesko, MD, genetics researcher

    When I'm trying to find information about a medical condition or procedure, I don't want to get a mess of links and false descriptions. Also when I use medical search engines that search only in medical databases, I don't want to be limited to websites, but I'm also interested in other resources such as quality Twitter users, videos or books focusing on the search term. That's why HealthMash saves me plenty of time and clicks.

  • Tamas Horvath, MD, Otolaryngologist

    I tried to use both HealthMash and Google to search for cardiovascular risk factor questionnaire. I had 2.700.000 million results in Google, however, I have got only 2(!) relevant results on the first page. On HealthMash I got only 146 results, however I had 7(!) relevant results on the first page. When I say relevant, I mean, that I could not find complete downloadable cardiovascular risk factor questionnaires, but I could make my own pretty easily based on the relevant pages.

HealthMash in the news

  • WebLib Develops Application for Elsevier’s SciVerse Applications

    Elsevier, a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced that as a result of a partnership with External link WebLib, a new application, HealthMash, is now available on SciVerse Applications beta

  • Health Sites Use Semantic Technologies to Provide Better Results

    HealthMash uses a pragmatic mix of natural language processing tools, semantic engineering techniques, and multiple knowledge sources, including a proprietary Health Knowledge Base, to achieve both high precision and relevancy in its search results.

  • HealthMash at Seedcamp Paris

    We had more than 75 applications for this popular city hub, with very strong, top-notch teams that applied from right across the EMEA.

  • Health/medical tools

    The recently public HealthMash tool, which is said to provide relevant health information from trusted sites. For more information on the unique features of HealthMash, try reading medical librarian Hope Leman’s interview with HealthMash CEO Endre Jofoldi. Source: Medical Communicating

  • HealthMash helps sort through online health morass

    HealthMash is a new knowledge base that bills its mission as promoting health and well-being by providing relevant information of high quality from trusted health sources on the Web, using sophisticated Web 2.0 universal search and discovery technology with Semantic Web Concepts. Source: SemanticWeb

  • Hope interviews HealthMash CEO Endre Jofoldi

    AltSearchEngines’ writer and medical librarian Hope Leman interviews Endre Jofoldi, CEO of WebLib Ltd, developers of HealthMash Health Search and Knowledge Base. HealthMash will be freely available on the Web. It will also be an enterprise search tool for large health organizations to feature on their Web sites via the HealthMash and Health Knowledge Base APIs. Source: AltSearchEngines

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